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What should I pay attention to before I make an entry order?

How to make a list transaction?

1、After login, click the navigation bar [Token Trading].

2、Select the transaction pairs on the left side of the trading market list.

3、Choose the corresponding transaction pair, such as BTC / USTD transaction pair, choose [buy] or [sell] , input the transaction price you expect, quantity and complete the list.

Why is the available quantity less than the actual balance of the wallet when hanging orders?

Hanging orders freeze the corresponding amount, and when there are pending bills, the amount available will be less than the actual balance of the wallet.

Please check whether there are any unsettled bills related to the transaction of coin.

Example: If your wallet balance is 5 BCH, the BCH / BTC transaction pair has a sale order for 1 BCH, and it is unsettled, then when you trade BCH, there will be 1 BCH frozen and can not be traded, the number of transaction quantity available is 4 BCH, less than the actual balance of the wallet.

How to check / cancel all outstanding transactions?

Once the order is successfully making, the list of all  outstanding orders can be viewed by click  pending orders, in the corresponding orderOperation  and then click the Cancelbutton so that you can withdraw the order.

If you need to cancel all the orders, click   Cancel allnext to thepending orders.

How to check the completed order list?

After the transaction is completed, you can view all the list of completed transactions by clicking   History order.

How long can I withdraw after the transaction is completed?

Under normal circumstances, the withdrawal can be made immediately after the transaction is completed.

If you are prompted to cash you can withdraw less than the total amount of transactions,it is because your account has a recharge (either the coin you trade, or other coins) is not fully confirmed.Only after reaching the withdrawable confirmation number can you withdraw coin normally.